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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
This Is President Regans car on display at Henry Ford Museum

Presidential Platforms - Henry Ford Museum

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Wine Cave and Bar

This is Man Cave creation. All Faux Stonework is  hand sculpted including the Slate floor. Bar is 18' long.


Toyo Tire Display

This Event Prop was created for Toyo Tire, a mobile display for dealership training,  showcasing the internal layers within each tire. These tires are used for the Baja Races.


Sculpted Foam Airplane

This Foam Prop was created for a Themed  Environment near Fraser, MI


Tiki Water feature

This is a Tiki water feature created for Max's South Seas Hideaway in Grand Rapids, MI. Certainly a destination to put on your travel agenda!


Heritage Church Kids Town

Themed Environment- Creative ideas using Iconic Detroit, MI  destinations featuring Faux Brick and Stonework, Custom Woodworking.


Greektown Display

This is a Faux Brick building replication of Beaubien Street Greektown in Detroit MI.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


This Sculpted Foam Treehouse was created for a children's Stage Set in a local church.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 10.28.45 AM.png

Hendricks Gin Event Prop

This Event Prop was created for an Advertising Agency. Extremely lightweight and transportable, allowing these petite ladies to handle and set up with ease.


Themed Environment Building

This Building features Faux brick and Stonework replicating a local desination in Detroit Mi.


Reyka Gin Event Prop

This  Display was created for Advertising Reyka Gin during a taste testing event. It has a  feature simulating a frozen  vapor element.


Fireplace Surround

Custom Woodworking allowed this Maple Fireplace and entertainment surround to showcase special features for wire containment and lighting effects.


Airplane Photo OP

This Airplane Photo OP was created for use  within the Airplane display area in the Henry Ford Museum located in Detroit, MI.

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